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We support the Polish economy

The Impel Group, which has been operating in the business environment for years, participates in numerous initiatives and ventures aimed at improving the conditions of trading of the Polish businesses. We have been supporting the Polish economy for 25 years, getting involved in debates about governance and legislation as well as promoting civic activeness through participation in the initiatives of such business organizations as the Western Chamber of Commerce or Employers of Poland.


The Impel Group has greatly influenced the quality of service in numerous key sectors of the Polish economy. By operating actively and being uncompromising in pursuit to create the necessary standards and to fulfil the most important postulates of the employees, we have changed the fate of a considerable number of people who have thus far been doomed to permanent exclusion from the labour market (the disabled, people with the lowest education profile, etc.). For more than ten years we have been one of the most active entities advocating job security and respect for the postulates put forward not only by entrepreneurs but also representatives of workforce. The Impel Group’s relations with the trade unions have on numerous occasions resulted in decisions benefitting all the labour market participants, e.g. in regard to hiring staff the on contract-of-employment basis in projects carried out under public procurement schemes. They often later became the basis for permanent and beneficial amendments in the laws passed by the Parliament as a result of a compromise, taking into account economic efficiency as well as social aspects.


We act as a pathfinders for international understanding, cooperating with the Honorary Consulate of Ukraine. Our experts support the promotion of Poland internationally (viz. the Polish Champion programme) and participate in educational initiatives for the youth (e.g. the “Wrocławskie Marki” Programme). We believe that by doing so, we make a real contribution to a sustainable improvement of the Polish economy condition.