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We support valuable initiatives

Our CSR Initiatives

Corporate Social Responsibility is an intrinsic element of the Impel Group’s operations. We have been taking part in social and local ventures for years, and we often have originated them. We do all this for the sake of sustainable growth of the firm. The initiatives supported by Impel include, among others:


The “Help Children Suffering From Cancer” Foundation


Impel has supported the “Help Children Suffering From Cancer” Foundation for over 15 years. The main goal of the Foundation is to provide comprehensive support for the young patients of the Bone Marrow Transplant, Children’s Oncology and Haematology Clinic of the Wrocław Medical University. We have contributed to the successful provision of help for a more than a dozen thousand little patients who came to the clinic from all over Poland for treatment. Thanks to our friends and donors, as well as donations of the 1% personal income tax allowances, the Foundation has been able to finance the necessary medications for treatment, provide financial aid for those who need it most, and it tries to lighten up the difficult daily life in the hospital for its little guests.

We are a committed supporter of the construction project of the “Cape of Hope” – a new building of the Bone Marrow Transplant, Children’s Oncology and Haematology Clinic of the Wrocław Medical University, headed by Professor Alicja Chybicka.



Contribution to Culture

Impel is active in promoting culture: for many years we have been supporting the “International Viennese Music Festival” – an unique event in Europe. We were also sponsoring the Stage Song Contests in Wrocław and the Jazz On the Oder Festival. Through its culture-related activities, the Impel Group takes part in the city life– we support local initiatives, which – without additional funding – would not have happened on such a big scale. Among other things, we had an opportunity to support and take an active part in the “Train to Ukraine” Project, whose goal was to better acquaint the inhabitants of Lower Silesia with Ukraine, which is still, in fact, a “familiar stranger”. We also supported “Fredro’s Quill” („Pióro Fredry”)– Wrocław Promotion of Good Books” and subsidised the Polish edition of the popular Czech book “Niedoparki”.


Impel for the Disabled

Since its inception, Impel has been involved into solving problems that disabled suffer from in various areas of life, both social and professional. We participated in the “Wrocław Without Barriers” programme, the aim of which was to make the disabled more active and self-reliant. We took an active part in the social campaign titled “Send Your CV – Somebody is Waiting” promoting hiring of the disabled people, and we supported the “Open Door” programme promoting vocational mobilisation of the disabled, mentally handicapped, and mentally ill. We are also the sponsor of the Charity Ball of Wrocław Polytechnic, the income from which is earmarked for funding grants for the disabled students of Wrocław Polytechnic. The Impel Group also sponsored the international exhibition of art created by the disabled – “Art without Barriers” – and was one of the sponsors of the prizes in the art contest of the disabled organised by Channel 3 of the Polish Radio.


Valuable Initiatives

The Impel Group is the founder of  “April 10th” Foundation, the aim of which is to help children whose parents were killed in natural disasters, catastrophes or in the line of duty. We also support the “ProCuro” Foundation in its projects aimed at helping people experiencing difficulties in life. We have provided our support and financial aid to the following organizations, including: the “Foundation for the Benefit of Children from the Copper Mining Region”, the “House of Family Rehabilitation of Children with Cerebral Palsy” Foundation in Opole, the Association of Supporters of Children with Neurological Diseases in Wrocław and the Lower Silesian Radiotherapy Development Foundation. We also sponsored the “Heart for a Heart’ concerts for the benefit of the Nephrology Clinic in Wrocław and many other events.