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The Leader Sets Directions

Impel is a company operating as the front line support of businesses for over 25 years.

We are a leading provider of services for institutions and companies, and the only such provider listed at the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

About us

We offer the biggest number of business services on the Polish market, in the following areas

Maintenance Solutions

We ensure convenience and comfort for property users, we care for our premises: to be clean, reliable, function smoothly, and to have proper aesthetic properties.

Security solutions

We guard companies, institutions and private persons, giving them the peace of mind and ensuring their security, as well as limiting their losses.

Service Management

we create the most effective service packages in the area of property management. We coordinate the work done

Business Processes Handling

We have the expertise and practical experience and we provide a comprehensive service for the company and its employees in regard to business consultancy, HR management, accounting, and taxes.

IT Services

We offer a full range of services connected with the implementation and maintenance of SAP systems, we offer systems, applications and services ensuring IT support for business processes.


What we do is not just a service. This is a mature partnership.

Our strategy is based on providing our Clients with the biggest possible package of benefits. We implement dedicated solutions that consider specific requirements and individual needs. In the outsourcing process, we take over areas which support the core business – regardless of the industry.